NextBigWhat’s Brand Studio Program

NextBigWhat enables brands to reach out to the early adopters, the opinion makers in the most effective manner.
“NextBigWhat quickly pierces through to the right readers and created a space where they could express themselves freely. We loved the feedback and were able to have a substantive conversation with our users.” - Kashyap Deorah, HyperTrack CEO.
We have been a preferred GTM partner for brands and now, as part of our brand-new studio offering, we offer 3 options to agencies/brands.
PR Publishing
Email interviews.
Vodcast interviews
The goal behind these is to ensure a win-win for both of us. Details 👇🏼

PR Publishing

Get your PR published on NextBigWhat (btw, we are also present on Google news - so your PR automatically gets distributed).
This is a self-serve / DIY process and starts with INR 18,000 6,400 / PR.
The submitted PR also gets shared on NextBigWhat newsletter and social media channels.

Email Interviews

We do the research and share questions (over email/ Google docs) for your spokesperson to answer () - expect depth and quality curation of questions (ofcourse, you can edit/add your suggestions - which is why we use Google docs for better collaboration).
Once we have the answers, we go ahead and publish them on NextBigWhat. This is also shared on
Social media (tagging the spokesperson)
Shared on Email newsletter (reaching out to more than 75K audience)
Minium reach of 90,000-100,000 targeted audience.
Introductory Price: Rs. 85,000 45,000 + tax (USD 663 including tax)

Vodcast (Video + Podcast) Interviews

These are done with selected individuals and is done by the founder of NextBigWhat, Ashish Sinha
30-45 mins duration
Preferably over Zoom
Questions are shared beforehand
Once done, the interview bites are shared on social media as well as newsletters.
Price: Rs. 1.8L 1.25 L (+tax)
For any custom queries, contact:


Do you want the payment to be made in advance? For PR - yes. For the rest, share the PO and we’d expect payment in 30 days.
Will these articles/posts carry sponsored tag? No.
I want everything for free. Sorry. Please don’t engage if our model doesn’t suit your needs. Let’s respect each others’ time!
I still want to have a call (and pitch this for free) Bro/sis: We are a small team - please spare us 🙂
PS: Please avoid back and forth over pricing negotiation. We work with selected agencies/customers and prefer to deliver quality over quantity to our stakeholders - i.e. the audience.
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